The best way to take a selfie

The best way to take a selfie
The best way to take a selfie

Let us dig Out the Best Ways to Click Stupendous Selfie!!!!

What is a selfie:

Selfie- The self-portrait: The most accurate explanation which can be given for a selfie is that is a photograph which can be taken by a one-self through their phone or web camera and the same will be shared through the social media like, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The word selfie came into existence in the year 2005 for describing a self-portrait. It does not have the effects which are carefully edited and presented by a photographer in the studio. It can be considered as an informal picture which can be taken by holding the smart phone or the digital camera at one arm length. Selfie can be taken with a selfie stick too which helps to cover a wider view. The destination for these selfie will be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as well as some other social media sites.

As Selfie is taken by a common man, ignorant of the technologies used by the photographers, if we keep in mind a few tips, one can take self-portraits with the same quality of the professional photographer. There are certain points one should take a note of while taking selfie.
The angle of photography:

One should be aware of the best angle in which a photo can be taken; every person looks great in one angle and pathetic in another angle. Take your own time to find out the angle in which you look stupendous.

Use of a good light source:

It is always recommended to take the selfie at good light, mostly the natural light. Compare a selfie taken in a dark room and the one taken near the window. One can note that the selfie taken in dark appear darker and the picture details will not be clear. The images also appear more dark than usual with dark shadows under the eyes of the people giving a darker and dull complexion overall for the face. Whereas the pictures taken near the window can provide the people in the picture a bright and natural look.

Take the best advantage of filters:

Most of your phones will be smart phones with great features. One can use a editing tool for your photos like Photo FX.

Stay cool, be yourself:

You should not give space for serious looks in your selfie. A selfie should be taken in a cool way. Being serious in selfie talks about how we take the pictures. It tells to the viewers that we have struggled a lot for taking the selfie. The photo should look as casual as the mood in which it was take. Be cool, be calm, be yourself, and then your selfie will talk about you, the real you. No man is born serious. All have laughed their wildest laughs in one or another part of their life. There is a child in every man. Bring out that child in you, in your photos.

Select your background effectively:

Your selfie talk about you. We have seen people taking pictures in bathrooms, car parking lots, and kitchen with a pile of plates. All these are weird ways, it will not be noticed and the people viewing the pictures will be getting a negative impression about the photographer. Click your pictures in some interesting locations which are rare and beautiful. This will be a treat for your eyes as well as to others. You will surely get the credits for taking such a beautiful portrait.

Do everything in moderation:

There should be a limit in the number of pictures posted in the social media. One can take up a lot of pictures but make sure to select the best one from it to be posted in the web. Kindly avoid the habit of posting each and every selfie taken by you on the social Medias. It provides wrong impression about you. Your friends will become bored of your frequent selfie postings and they might as well consider you as an addict to social media.

Opt for a selfie timer:

The selfie timer is inbuilt in most of our latest phones. One can take pictures without the tiresome exercises of stretching your arms far ahead along with trying to press the camera button. Such acrobatics not only provides blurred photographs as a result of our hands being shaken due to extra stress. Despite of all our efforts, once the picture comes out finally the person taking the selfie will surely look like an extraterrestrial. The selfie timer can be of great help for us in such situations.

Guys…… Next time when you click your self-portrait, kindly consider the aforementioned tips.

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