5 Tips for better selfies.

5 Tips for better selfies.
5 Tips for better selfies.

For many people, pausing to take a quick selfie is a swift and efficient way to share moments of their lives with their friends and followers. Technology has made this process so simple that we often don’t spend a lot of time thinking about all of the different factors that affect the quality of our selfies. Fortunately, there are a few simple things we can do to take better selfies.

Tip 1: Determine the position of your light-source.

Have you ever noticed that some of your selfies seem washed-out and unclear? Most cameras are not able to produce a clear image when there is a bright source of light shining directly into the lens. If you are outside during the day, try to position your camera so that it is roughly between the sun and yourself. This is the best way to ensure that your face is clearly lit and that the camera will still be able to get a clean shot of your environment.

Tip 2: Use a filter.

Although modern cameras do their best to determine which settings look best, often the human eye is much better at figuring this out. Most modern phones allow you to adjust the contrast and brightness. A small increase in contrast usually results in a drastic improvement of clarity. The brightness can be adjusted to factor out environmental sources of light such as a television or lamp. If you want even more control over the tone of your photo, Instagram offers much more than just pre-set filters. They actually allow you to manually adjust nearly every aspect of the photo including hue, saturation, tone, sharpness, and many others. The options might seem a bit complicated at first, but just playing around with them and seeing what looks best to you can give your selfies a unique and personal touch!

Tip 3: Use the rear camera.

The camera on the back side of your phone is usually much higher quality than the one on the front. Although you aren’t able to see the screen while using the rear camera, the photo will be so much more detailed and clear that you will be able to easily zoom or crop the image as you like. Since you will not be able to use the touchscreen, most phones use one of the physical buttons to operate the shutter. On most phones this is the volume up button, but it can vary.

Tip 4: Consider your background.

Sometimes you just want to show off what you are wearing or how you did your hair, but your external environment can also play a role in helping you take a great selfie! Often an environment that seems natural to you can appear unique and exciting to people who have different lifestyles! Even if you are just sitting in on the subway commuting to work, a packed train might be a new sight to somebody who has lived in the country for much of their life.

Tip 5: Remember to live.

I’m the kind of person who is glued to my phone all the time. I’m on top of my Instagram feed and I update my Facebook sometimes by the hour, so I totally understand the desire to document every exciting moment of your life. But a photograph isn’t always a replacement to actual experiences. Once in a while you just have to remind yourself to put the phone down, take a breath, and enjoy a private moment simply experiencing your immediate environment.

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