Best Selfie App – Snapchat – Full Review and Guide

Best Selfie App – Snapchat – Full Review and Guide
Best Selfie App – Snapchat – Full Review and Guide

Snapchat is one of the most used Social Media applications to date, and it currently has over 100 million users who use the application for more than 30 minutes a day. You can take a picture or video and either upload it to your story or send t directly to someone. The pictures last a maximum of 10 seconds, and once the user has viewed the image.
Snapchat has a stories page on the application, which is the third out of the views, and here you can see your friend’s stories, as well as paid sponsored content, like Sky news and vice. The fast the sponsored content is masked as legitimate news means that Snapchat can have a surprisingly large influence in social trends, and they make a serious amount of money from these endorsement deals.

Taking a Snapchat.

When you first load up the app you are met with a central screen, which has a transparent camera button, as well as clash and camera control. You can then take a photo or video as you normally would and send it. Once you have taken the image you can then add: Text, with room for two lines of text, which can then be resized and relocated on the screen; drawings, which you can add with the pen tool, and you can choose any color you would like to use; emojis, which were added in a recent update and the feature allows you to select an emoji and place it wherever you would like; Filters, you can add many post-picture effects, like a time filter, speed filter, temperature filter etc.
After you have finalized the image or video you would like to share you can then choose how long the Snapchat will last, and you can pick between one and ten seconds. You can also select who you would like to share it with, and you can select as many people as you would like.

What do the icons mean?

There are many different icons on Snapchat, and for a new user it can be difficult to comprehend them all, so we have created a simple list:

  • Blue Square = you have opened their chat message and not replied
  • Blue triangle = they have read your chat and not replied
  • Red Square = you have opened their photo and not replied
  • Red Triangle = They have opened your photo and not replied

How safe is Snapchat?

Many people, especially parents, are concerned that Snapchat is unsafe, and they worry that the fact photos disappear quickly may result in people taking advantage of this in a bad way. They are concerned that their child may become the victim of sexting and cyberbullying, as the perpetrator may believe they cannot be caught.
This is untrue however, and parents should understand that there are ways of recovering images from the service. Nearly every modern phone has the option to take a ‘Screenshot’ of the screen, and when a user does this, Snapchat’s code recognizes this and notifies the sender that their image/ video has been captured. If a use is receiving abuse via snapchat they can notify the relevant authorities, and if it is a very serious offence, the police can get access to Snapchat’s servers.
Overall Snapchat is very safe, and there are various things, such as screenshotting, which can be used to gather evidence and act as a deterrent in case of a crime. This does not mean that children will not partake in voluntary ‘Sexting’, and the only think parents can do in order to stop this is talk to their child

How good are the 3D filters?

In case you were not already aware, Snapchat recently added virtual reality filters that use motion tracking to attach a 3D object to a user’s face, and this object can then change as if it is actually there. There are many of these 3D filters available, although some are premium and require an in-app purchase, although they are mainly free.

Why did you award Snapchat the #1 Selfie app?

Overall Snapchat is a fantastic app that brings users from around the world together, and it makes sharing photos and videos an easy task, with its easy to manage user interface and constant updates. Their incredible pre-photo and post-photo editing options are simply the best, and their Social Media is ideal for selfie lovers.
We loved the 3D virtual reality features the most, as they cannot be found anywhere else, and because they are unique every time. We feel that everything works together incredibly well, and the fact that the application is not only a camera app and photo editor, but it is also a Social Media platform, makes it unique from hundreds of other camera apps.
We would thoroughly recommend this app if you do not already have it, and if you are a concerned parent, please understand that Snapchat takes its user’s safety very seriously, and they will work with you in case you have any issues.

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