Best Selfie Sticks

Best Selfie Sticks
Best Selfie Sticks

Selfie Sticks were first used by the extreme sports community to capture videos of them performing exhilarating activities, and they have now become the latest craze to hit the mass market. The fad sees smartphone users attach their phone, or camera, to a pole, which then gives the effect that the selfie has been taken from a distance. They are used largely by tourists and people in large groups, as it allows them to get more thinks into the image, due to a wider field of view. As we already mentioned, selfie sticks are not just for phones, and there are actually quite a few variations. The majority of selfie sticks are for mobile phones, and they use a clamp system to hold the device in place. You can also get the more traditional selfie sticks, which use a threaded connector to connect to the camera, and these ones are often stronger and more durable.

Best Wireless Selfie Stick – Mpow iSnap X

This is by far one of the most popular selfie sticks on the market, and it currently has a whopping 3,400 customer reviews. It has a large plastic handle, with a photo button that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows for remote photo taking. This is extremely handy because, unlike some of the cheaper selfie sticks, you don’t have to connect any cables to your phone, and all you need to do is pair the remote with your phone once, and it will automatically connect.
The stick is one of the most compact on the market, and when in storage mode, it is only 7 inches. This can be increased to a maximum of 31.5 inches, which is quite frankly overkill, and you can secure the stick by wrapping the included strap around your hand, which will really help you support the device’s weight.
The clamp connector is also very versatile, and it can rotate a total of 270 degrees, giving you lots of control over what you capture. The clamp can also accommodate most phones, and it can extend from 5.5 cm to 8.5 cm.

Best Wired Selfie Stick – Spigen

The Spigen selfie stick is an incredibly well-rounded accessory, and it does the job well. Unlike the Mpow iSnap X, it uses a cable to remotely take a photo, as opposed to a Bluetooth connection that requires a battery. For some people this can be better, as there is no need to charge the device, however some people prefer a Bluetooth connection as you can quickly connect your device, and it is hassle free.
The device is also incredibly ergonomic, and it is designed to be small and comfortable when using. Because the slap can rotate 270 degrees it can lie flat against the handle, meaning that is fits into pockets with ease and comfort. Spigen also included a soft rubber handle, which is far greater than some of the cheaper foam grips that can easily rip and deteriorate due to wear. Just like the iSnap X, it can also extend to a length of 31.5 inches, and this seems to be the usual lengh for mobile selfie sticks.
Overall it is one of the best selfie sticks available to date, and it is by far the best wired selfie stick, coming in at only $10. The fact that it is wireless leads to a more reliable connection, and the ergonomic design is a great addition.

Best GoPro Selfie Stick – By GoPro

The GoPro revolutionized the extreme sport world, and since then manufacturers have created many different mount and accessories to help content makers capture their experiences. One of these accessories is a selfie arm, and it is very similar to a selfie stick, although it accommodates a GoPro.
The 3-way arm kit is not only a selfie stick, as it can also be used as a table-top tripod and a camera grip. The product itself is made of three pieces, that all articulate to create the perfect angle. Because it is designed as a three-in-one product, rather than solely a selfie stick, it only extends to 20 inches, however for filming action sports that is perfectly fine.
This style of selfie stick also makes your device much more secure, and instead of a clamp fitting, it holds the GoPro with a screw thread, which is essential for an action camera that is going to be bashed around, and this really assures the user that their expensive device will be safe
Overall this is a fantastic selfie stick, and the fact that it doubles up as a tripod is great, and it can be very useful. The device is made of high-quality plastic, and it is very sturdy, unlike some of the flimsy monopods available.

Best Camera Selfie Stick – GoPioneering

Some GoPros can actually be used with cameras, like DSLRs, and this requires a special sort of connector. They use a screw thread, just like the GoPro, but instead of this going through an articulation, it connects straight to the Camera’s base.
The GoPioneering selfie stick is also a three-in-one, just like the GoPro monopod, and it supports Cameras, Phones, and GoPros. It includes an adapter for both GoPros and Phones, which both screw onto the Camera thread. This makes it incredibly versatile, and it can be used in a variety of situations.
The monopod is built out of thicker, stronger tubing, and this means that is can comfortably extend to a larger size of 36 inches, although that is not very practical if you have heavy camera connected. Overall we think this is the best selfie stick out of the four, because it supports not only Phones, but GoPros and Cameras. We love the sturdy design and heavy duty wrist strap that makes you less nervous about your camera breaking when you are using it.

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