10 Best Free Selfie Apps Available for Android

10 Best Free Selfie Apps Available for Android
10 Best Free Selfie Apps Available for Android

When Selfies started, it became an instant fad and has gone viral practically changing the way of dealing with social media. This innovative method of self-portraiture gave birth to countless ranges of Selfies that is always searching for the best app that creates a perfect photo minus its flaws and unhealthy skin tones. Today, there is even a selfie-stick to widen picture’s range.

Here are some of the best Android Apps for a perfect Selfie:

1. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

youcamperfectDeveloped by Perfect Corp., this has become the number-one choice for selfie addicts for it makes every photo and selfie appears perfect. Its photo booth and picture editor enhance your look for it can remove all flaws creating the natural loveliness of your facial features. With its 4-8 second clips, you can create marvelous styles of videos and selfies. Use the real-time beautifying features of YouCam Perfect apps to view the way you look before the photo was taken. With the presence of countless built-in effects, you can easily distinguish many faces in the photo. Easy to edit, common problems can be corrected with just a few taps.


2. Selfie Camera – Facial Beauty

selfiecamera-facialbeautyYahoo Japan Corp. is the developer of Selfie Camera and just like YouCam Perfect; it makes every photo look awesome with its more than 20 varied filters. Aside from making your skin and complexion attain milder tones, the whitening enhancer adds to its glowing and softer look. The automatic trim is the most attractive feature of these apps for its makes awesome pictures with just a single tap and its option of six other natural levels. There are tools used manually to erase imperfections like wrinkles and dark skin spots. You can change the form of your face from thinner to fatter and make the size of your eyes bigger and brighter. You can delete objects in the background to highlight the main focus of the picture.

3. Retrica

retricaFrom Venticake Inc., Retrica is known for its vintagetype photos and it is an ideal application for selfies that has everything needed for a perfect shot. With an array of 80 filters, it is considered one of Android’s best apps. Create a collage when you have photos with your friends using the feature time to take interval photos. There are over 50 filters as free version and the rest to be unlocked when upgraded. True to its vintage effects, your perfect selfie becomes a reality. This app can produce photo or a number of photos automatically or manually in varied sizes.


4. Insta Selfie Cam Pic Collage


From its developer, the Cicmilic Soft,
Insta Selfie Cam is another of Android great apps making collages easy to edit and adding different effects like a picture frame. Sharing selfies with Facebook, Instagram and other networks is easy for it has a selection of 30 different templates.



5. Line Camera – Selfie & Collage

linecamera-selfieandcollageThis selfie app from Line has over 100 million users. Available for free, Line includes 1000 stamps for great editing with hundred more fonts and frames. With lots of available filters, you can easily create photo grids. Every selfie maniac must try Line Camera with its awesome filters, easy editing tools to create great pictures. It is fun and a user friendly collage maker too.



6. RetroSelfie – Selfie Editor

retroselfieFrom developer Iovchev, another selfie is produced for easy use & change of frames, draw on photos, balance photo colors, crop them, adjust contrast & brightness and add focus effect. Its features: (1) professional retro effects & frames; (2) great selfie sticker; (3) autofocus; (4) enhancement; (5) crop, resize & rotate, adjustment, draw with your finger, (6) add colorful text; and (7) cosmetic tools. Making photo collages and apply filters, stickers, frames and other enhancements are made easy.


7. Candy Camera – Selfie for Selfies

candycameraJP Brothers, Inc. developed Candy Camera and it is becoming one of the best options for selfies that boast of 2.4 million users daily. With its real-time filter, you can see result of the filter prior to snapping the picture for excellent result. From choices of 100 kinds of filter, you will surely find the best. For editing, you can use (1) beautification; (2) blemish removal; (3) make-up features; and more. The app is free with some in-app purchases and you will surely love them.


8. Bright Camera – Camera for Facebook

bright-cameraFrom Amazing Studio, Bright Camera app takes excellent selfies with its great effects and frames. You can immediately share photo with all the social networks. Its features include: (1) filters; (2) selfie timer; (3) beautification; (4) tilt shift effects; and more. If you love including quotes, this is your kind of apps.



9. Silent Selfie Camera

silent-selfieAnother app developed by JP Brothers, Inc., Silent Selfie Camera takes cool selfies quietly not bothering anyone or anyone noticing you taking a selfie. Silent Selfie Camera features the following: (1) takes silent selfies without making any noise; (2) easily zooms in and zooms out front facing camera; (3) saves photos to phone camera gallery; (4) shares selfie taken with any photo sharing application you want; and (5) easily rotates photos with the use Selfie Editor. By using a timer or volume key, you can correct front camera mirror effects with this apps.


10. Facecon (selfie/face/avatar)

facecon-selfieA brain child of developer Prompt, Facecon efficiently gives life to your pictures with the use of varied filters and stickers. This free app has tons of free stickers with new ones available weekly. Facecon is easy to use that you can share with your friends by a simple tap. However, you will need an Android 4.1 or newer device to run the apps and updates for and it requires about 100MB of storage space. With Freecon, you can have extraordinary and interesting character; as well as provide a novel form of reaching out to others that helps to enliven your day with entertaining and interesting contents. Optimized for Galaxy S Series and it supports devices using 720p resolutions.


So selfie lovers, start taking more selfies with these top selfie apps in the market.

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