Taking The Perfect Selfie

Taking The Perfect Selfie
Taking The Perfect Selfie

So you want to know more about taking the perfect selfie?

Taking selfies is a phenomenon that has taken over the social media world. Since the days of Myspace, people of all ages have been skipping the camera man and going DIY. With cell phones and “point and shoot” digital cameras, people can hold the camera themselves and take a picture. Let’s talk about a couple different selfie tips so you too can be a selfie pro.


Lighting may be the single biggest factor to a good selfie. Sure some dark shots work, but most wont. Just take a look yourself on Instagram and you will see many of the most liked pictures have great lighting. This is not a fluke; it’s because great lighting makes people look more pleasing to the eye. It’s why photographers drop thousands of dollars on proper lighting for their studios. More lighting will bring our your facial features as well as your eyes. Start learning how to spot good lighting and watch yourself go from amateur photographer to pro.

Filters and editing

Let’s be honest, if there were no filters and editing, a lot of models would be out of a job! Yes, you too can look great. Just try the correct filter or even better you can edit the picture manually. You can get rid of a zit or red eyes. Don’t think of it as being fake, think of it as a way to get the most out of your picture. While filters are awesome, don’t be afraid skip the filter and hashtag #nofilter in the caption every once in a while. Believe it or not people do want to see the real you!

Be fun, be goofy!

One of the best ways to make your selfie connect with your audience is by being fun and goofy! If your selfies can make people laugh, you will definitely stack up those likes. Social media is a great place for content creators that can make their audience laugh or smile.


Don’t be afraid to incorporate themes into your selfies. If it’s Christmas, using a Santa hat in your picture will most likely increase your likes. If it’s Halloween you’re definitely going to want a selfie in your costume. Many forget to incorporate themes, and they’re definitely missing out on some awesome selfies because of it. Find a way to leverage a holiday or event into a once in a lifetime selfie!

Get a trademark pose

This is a more advanced technique, but still a useful one. If you ever pay attention to celebrities, they almost always have a trademark pose. Whether it’s sticking their tongue out with a rock and roll hand signal or a slight head tilt and smile, they have a signature pose. The benefit of this is once you master the pose, you no longer have the problem of insecurity. It’s a hack which allows you to take more pictures, and be less judgemental of them. After all it’s your pose and YOU have mastered it!

Extend your neck – Have great posture

Don’t worry this is not a weird yoga position. This is simply a method to remove any weird wrinkles or extra skin/fat that may not be flattering. Nothing wrong with having nice posture or better yet standing in your selfie. It will help align your shoulders correctly as well as make you look healthier and more focused. Extending your neck and using good posture can really help out a lackluster selfie.

Get a selfie stick

Yeah, selfie sticks can be a bit goofy. But guess what? They help you get distance on your selfie. Your arms are only so long and by using a selfie stick you can get all kinds of different angles. Pictures that were once impossible for you to take alone are now possible with a simple selfie stick. Try a selfie stick out sometime and see if you like it.


Another option for better selfies is to use accessories like sun glasses, watches, hats, etc. People love “stuff” it’s true. Pay attention and you will notice people gravitate towards material objects without even knowing it. It’s the reason rappers love to flash money and jewelry on Instagram. It’s also the reason business men show their cars and Rolexes on social media. Humans are visual creatures, and they love to talk about material things. Some of the most successful internet personas know this and use it as a weapon. This is why just like in all forms of entertainment accessories can help you.

Action selfies

Taking a selife during a big moment always helps people take notice. If you just bought your first home, taking a selfie in the front yard of it is powerful. If your ride at 6 Flags is about to takeoff, you have a great opportunity at a hilarious selfie. These will resonate with people as they can then imagine themselves in this situation. A opportunistic action shot is usually more interesting than another bathroom mirror pic. When you make your selfies more personal people will connect with you more.

Newer phone

Sadly even if you follow these methods, your phone may just be too old. While vintage sometimes is cool, 3 megapixels is not. If you have the ability to step up your quality, you probably should. Better quality will allow you to draw more eyes on crowded time-lines. However remember that this is only the last piece to the puzzle. Good quality pictures are not going to make a difference if you still create lame and uninspiring content.

So you wanted to know about taking the perfect selfie, now you’re ready to prove you’re a pro. Even if you only utilize some of these tips you’re definitely going to see a big improvement in your selfie game!

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