The Top Ten Selfies in the World

The Top Ten Selfies in the World
The Top Ten Selfies in the World

If you were to print out every photo that was shared on Instagram within twelve-hour period, the final stack of photos would be taller than mount Everest. After thorough searching, we’ve managed to find a few of these moments and happily present to you:

The Top Ten Selfies in the World

#10: The moment of clarity


There are times in our lives when unexpected things come at us like a freight train. Ever hear the phrase “calm before the storm”? It’s a reference to the period of peace and tranquility you enjoyed just before everything fell apart. Although the woman in this photo appears to be well put together and organized, as viewers we’re privy to the fact that something unexpected is about to come at this woman totally out of left field.

#9: Commitment


With every choice you make in life, there is a point of no return. Unlike the woman in the last picture, this guy knows exactly what he’s in for. While many people would be madly scrambling to get out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into, this guy just decided “screw it” and make the most of an unfortunate situation by capturing it on film.

#8: Parental influence


Children are constantly learning from and replicating the actions of their parents. As an adult it’s easy to let the occasional cuss word slip, and it’s inevitable that your child is going to pick up on that one specific mistake and repeat it at high volume in a public place. While we can all accept this as normal behavior, whichever adult this child is mimicking should perhaps re-think their parenting strategy.

#7: The MySpace cat


Before I saw this photo, I was impressed with my cat for simply learning to do her business in the litter box. This kitty, however, has already mastered the MySpace angle.

#6: The guy who gives it 110%


There are two possible explanations for this picture. Either this guy has managed to nail every single selfie cliché in a single shot, or he just moved into one of those New York micro-lofts.

#5: The multitasker


My local police department just made it a fineable offence to adjust the music volume while driving a car. Let’s just hope they don’t see this photo.

#4: The old-schooler.


If there is one thing I’ve learned from my father, it’s that sometimes doing things the old-fashioned way is better. But perhaps there are exceptions.

#3: The guy who regrets cheaping out on insurance


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or just say screw it and take a selfie.

#2: When you don’t need any explanation


Honestly, I’ve never been good at reading people. But when you see this guy’s expression, you just know exactly what’s going through his mind.

#1: The baseball fans.


Say what you want about social media, but let’s face it – our generation is wired in. This image of young women snapping a casual selfie during a baseball game sparked a huge debate. This image, along with opinionated commentary, was posted not only all over the internet but also on many established news outlets such as ABC and Fox. Are millennials so self-absorbed that we ignore the world around us just to stare at glowing rectangles all day? Or are we simply using modern technology to connect with our friends in ways that were once inconceivable? Whatever side you stand on, the fact that a few simple selfies that we may never see managed to cause such a widespread debate is the perfect demonstration of how the simple action of a few can influence the lives of millions of people.

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