Top 5 Phones for Selfies

Top 5 Phones for Selfies
Top 5 Phones for Selfies

You would be surprised to know how many people are using outdated technology, and some people are still using Mobile Phones without front-facing cameras! Camera technology has come a long way over the last few years, and if you go back 5 years, a good phone would have only had 0.2MP front facing camera. Nowadays there are phones with 10+MP front-facing cameras, which are ideal for selfie lovers.
It is hard to believe that some people are so obsessed with taking selfies that their first concern when buying a new phone is the front-facing camera, but it is a disturbingly popular thing to do. We have tried many of the Phones currently available on the market, and out of those we have decided upon the 5, which we feel are best for taking selfies.

#1 HTC Desire Eye

The HTC Eye features state-of-the-art cameras, which makes it the best phone for taking selfies. Both cameras are 13MP, which is more than enough, and both cameras also feature flashes. This means that you will always have top-quality lighting for taking selfies, and this is incredibly useful.
Most smartphones have front-facing cameras of around 5MP, and the Eye’s 13 is really taking it to the max. Whilst selfie lovers may instantly look at the camera’s resolution, it is important to note that their screen resolution may not be so good, therefore the extra resolution will not show up on the low-res screen. This is also true for Social Medias, like Instagram, which will compress the image in order to reduce the size. This does not mean that camera resolution is not important, as the compressed image will still be better, but you need to consider other things, like the sensor size.
One of the reasons we think the HTC Desire Eye is the best Smartphone, for taking selfies, is the fact that it does not just have a high resolution camera, but it also has a Full HD display, with 424 pixels/ inch. This is great because, like we mentioned before, your selfies will be less compressed, and you will see them in a quality closer to the original.

Other Specs:
• IPX7 water-resistant
• 5.2 inch screen
• 2 GB Ram
• 538hr standby battery life
• 20hr talk time battery life

#2 Oppo N1

The Oppo N1 is an incredibly unique phone, and it really stands out from the crowd. Instead of having a separate front and back camera, it features a single, 13MP camera, which can swivel 180 degrees to point either forwards or back. This means that you get the larger sensor and double flash, giving you a fantastic selfie experience.
The phone’s stock camera app is also exceptional, and just like may third-party selfie apps, it has many options to enhance your selfies, such as the ‘Beauty’ mode, which applies virtual makeup, and the ‘Night’ mode, which changes the cameras settings to get more light in.
Just like the HTC Desire Eye, it also has a 1080p screen, however as it has a larger 5.9 inch display, its PPI is only 373. This means that your photos will not look as sharp on the screen, however they will still look good. The camera also has fantastic HDR, and it really brings photos to life.

Other Specs:
• 2 GB of Ram
• A huge 3610 mAh battery
• Lightweight design, only 213g
• IPS LCD Display

#3 LG G5

The G5 is the latest device in LG’s ‘G’ line, and the recent upgrade makes this phone ideal for taking selfies. It features an eight megapixel front faxing camera, with a whopping sixteen megapixel rear-facing camera. The front-facing camera supports full 1080p video recording, at 30 fps, meaning it is not only ideal for selfies, but also front-facing videos. The selfie camera has a 135 degree, wide-angle, lens meaning that you can use the front and rear facing camera interchangeably, and they are both good for different situations.
The G5 is not only a great phone for taking selfies, and it also adds an accessory slot. This allows you to change the bottom of the phone, adding separate modules designed for different tasks. For example you could add a photographer module, which adds a hand grip and camera button, transforming the 16MP sensor into a point-and-shoot camera. The screen is also far superior to the others on this list, and it boasts a whopping 554 pixels per inch, with a 1440 x 2560p screen.

Other Specs:
• Even more lightweight, only 159g
• Double the Ram, 4GB
• Smaller 2800 mAh

#4 Nokia Lumia 735

The Lumia 735 is a selfie phone aimed at the more budget market, and whilst the specs do suffer due to the lower price, its price/ performance is fantastic. It features a rare 5MP front-facing camera, which is surprising considering the rear camera is only 6.7MP. The selfie camera also has a wide angle lens, and much like the Oppo N1, the built-in camera app allows you to edit your photos.
As well as having a smaller resolution camera, it also has a smaller, 4.7 inch screen, which has a reduced resolution of 720 x 1280p, although it still has a pixel density of 312 PPI.
Overall this phone is great for someone interested in taking selfies, at a lower budget, although it does feature Windows OS, meaning some apps, such as Instagram, will not work fully. This can be quite annoying if you are taking selfies with the goal of posting them on Social Media, but hopefully in the future the developers will support Windows OS.

Other Specs:
• EVEN more lightweight, only 134g
• A measly 1GB ram
• 2200 mAh battery
• Windows OS

#5 Sony Xperia C

The Sony Xperia C was designed with selfies in mind, and the design shows this throughout. It has a 5MP front-facing camera, just like the Lumia 735. The rest of the specs let it down massively, and the screen is only 720, which may not be a problem on the Lumia, but the Xperia C has a whopping 5.5 inch screen. The Xperia also comes pre-loaded with a photo editing app, which adds virtual make-up, and this seems to be a common theme amongst phones aimed at selfie lovers.
Overall the Xperia C has a camera capable of taking some wonderful pictures, however the screen’s resolution means you won’t be able to notice the extra MP. Just like the Lumia, this is a great budget selfie phone, although it has the somewhat superior Android OS installed.

Other Specs:
• 5.5 inch screen, so-called ‘phablet’
• Only 1GB ram
• 2500 mAh battery
• 267 PPI

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