Top 5 Selfie Apps

Top 5 Selfie Apps
Top 5 Selfie Apps

Selfies are rapidly becoming the most popular craze of the 21’st century, and they can be seen everywhere, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, they are everywhere, and they have transformed our social lives. In recent times selfie-fanatics have been deserting the traditional Camera apps, and they have been migrating to the new range of elite selfie apps.
Ever since selfies starting becoming popular, mobile developers have been racing to create the ultimate selfie apps. They started off by just creating third party camera apps, with all of the usual features, but recently they have started including photo enhancing features and customizable features.

Some of the most basic Selfie Apps offer filters, like the Instagram photo editor, and they allow you to change how your photo looks. Some recent advances in virtual reality technology have allowed programmers to include ground-breaking 3D filters in their apps. These new filters can add virtual effects to your face, and using 3D image mapping, the filters can move around with your face.
There are a lot of features that go into a great selfie app, and we have compiled a list of the five we like the most. The majority of the Apps in this list are available for free on both Android and IOS, however there are some that are paid, or their features are unlocked with in-app purchases.

#1 – Snapchat

We firmly believe that Snapchat is the forerunner in the development game, and their features are the best out there. Snapchat was the first app to bring 3D virtual reality features to the mass market, and their app not only offers a fantastic camera, with many features, but it is also one of the most popular Social Medias to date. Snapchat currently has approximately 100 million daily users, and this makes it ideal for sharing selfies. Unlike most selfie apps that require you to save the photo to your Camera Roll, and then upload it to your preferred Media platform, Snapchat lets you share your photos and videos straight from the app.

Overall we placed Snapchat at number one on our list because of the fact that it is both a Selfie Camera and a Social Media platform. It offers a full range of features, like slow-motion camera effects, and the three-dimensional filters we mentioned earlier, and it even allows you to have specific filters based on your location. The technology is always up to date, and their full-time developers do a great job at developing to appeal to a wider audience. This is evident when you look at one of the most recent updates, when they added support for audio and visual calls over Wi-Fi.
These features all pool together to create a revolutionary selfie app, which is widely available to millions of users.

#2 – YouCam

YouCam brings all of the key-features that you will need in a Camera App, and their photo-enhancing features are second to none. One of the main reasons we placed Snapchat above this is because of the adverts. Although Snapchat does feature paid promotions, YouCam has pop-up ads that can sometimes become rather annoying.
The adverts don’t hinder the app’s overall performance however, and it has a real-time Beauty Camera that automatically enhances the camera’s feed, before you take the photo. This can help boost user’s self-confidence, and it can make taking selfies a more enjoyable experience for people. Their features don’t stop here, and the Selfie App also features a face-reshaper, which, as the name suggests, reshapes your face. This means you can enhance your jawline and cheekbones, creating your ideal characteristics.

Like we mentioned with Snapchat, some Selfie Apps require you to save your photo before uploading, but YouCam utilizes in-app sharing to give you a simple experience when posting content, these features create an app that is ideal for taking and editing selfies, and the only downside to it is how many adverts are featured.

#3 – Retrica

Retrica features an incredibly simple and smooth interface, which you will find incredibly easy to navigate. It has a very professional UI, and it could easily be used instead of your phone’s built in camera app. Unlike the other Apps that we have mentioned, Retrica targets general photographers, rather than Selfie takers. The app has a huge collection of filters, and they can be edited to create new, unique filters.

Just like YouCam, Retrica also offers a live-preview for what your image will look like, which is fantastic for choosing an appropriate filter. Overall Retrica has a very professional looking interface, and it really outshines the competition. We used the app on a few devices over the course of about a week, and the performance was always top notch, we never once saw a decrease in performance.

#4 – FaceTune

This app is basically a mobile version of Photoshop, and it brings hundreds of editing options to one app. There are endless possibilities as to what you can do with this app, and it really can help in most situations. The App is $4 on both IOS and Android, but we really recommend it.

The list of features is incredibly long, so we have summarized the best ones for you:

• Change the shape of your smile
• Make your teeth whiter with the easy to use teeth whitening tool
• Make your skin smoother
• Make your face appear more youthful, remove baggy eyes
• Remove imperfections in your skin, like scars and spots
• Change your eye color, as well as removing red and white eyes
• Change hair color – Remove grey hair
• Create hair – Fill bald patches
• Remove stray hairs
• Face-reshaper, like YouCam
• Heighten cheek bones and brows
• Reshape or retouch your nose
• Enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image
• Totally transform your face into alien or other fun shapes

This list of features makes it a premium camera app, and one that is completely worth the money. We felt that this app offered the most professional experience, and like we said, it really is just Photoshop designed for mobile use.

#5 VSCO Camera

This camera app is like Retrica in many ways, and it is aimed mainly at general photographers. It has a huge collection of post-shot settings and it has a professional user interface, just like Retrica. It also supports VSCO’s miniature social media platform, and it lets you share your pictures on their platform, as well as other Social Medias. Their creator platform is nowhere near as popular as snapchats however, and it is more a novelty feature.

What really sets VSCO and Retrica apart from the crowd are their simple app designs, which are easy to navigate and support all the features you might need. These Authority applications retain the largest user base, as their applications are not riddled with adverts, like YouCam.

Overall there are thousands of camera applications on mobile markets, and the best applications are better by a large margin. The best applications have unique features, like new filters, 3D virtual reality, and they have a simple interface.

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